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North Fork American River (CA) Yankee Jim’s Bridge Replacement Project Update

Posted: 06/12/2024
By: Jeff Venturino

Access to the North Fork American at Yankee Jim’s bridge is likely to be different in the next few years. Placer County Public Works is currently in the process of replacing Yankee Jim’s Bridge with an intended timeline of initiating construction in October of 2024. American Whitewater has been working with Placer County Public Works to develop an improved river access, including a railing that can be used to slide rafts to and from the river, and to minimize impacts to paddlers during and after construction.

The planned bridge replacement will be placed downstream of the current Yankee Jim’s Bridge, which will be retired in place for pedestrian and cyclist use similar to Iowa Hill/Mineral Bar. The parking lot will accommodate approximately 31 vehicles and be built between the existing river left access point and North Fork American / Shirtail Creek confluence. The improved access trail will be sited where the current path is. California State Parks does not currently have plans to enforce paid parking. 

Access to the river from Colfax will be severely limited for the next two paddling seasons. Ponderosa Road and Ponderosa Bridge have recently been repaired and replaced and will serve as a functional downstream access point from I-80. Some limited access will be available from the Foresthill Side, but the additional shuttle time may be less attractive than more paddle strokes. Closures and information will be available through Placer County and American Whitewater will continue to monitor and refine access while providing updates to the paddling community.

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