Outdoor Alliance

American Whitewater is a founding member of the Outdoor Alliance, a coalition of user groups that work to ensure the conservation and stewardship of our nation’s land and waters through the promotion of sustainable, human-powered recreation.

Outdoor Alliance Works to:

  • Protect and restore public lands and waters for people to enjoy.
  • Provide stewardship of places where Americans hike, paddle, ski, mountain bike, climb, and surf.
  • Guarantee responsible access to public land and water.
  • Maintain and enhance America’s trails, trailheads and other recreation infrastructure.
  • Encourage science and research to help make better management decisions.
  • Promote the many health benefits of fun, vigorous outdoor exercise.
  • Help America’s youth enjoy healthy, traditional outdoor activities.
  • Guarantee the public’s voice is heard on decisions impacting our land, water and outdoor opportunities.

Something special happens when people enjoy the outdoors while hiking, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and paddling.

First, they have fun and the bonds between friends and family grow stronger. Young and old alike enjoy healthy exercise and learn greater self-reliance.

Along the way, they learn the moods and character of the land and water. They notice — and care — when something is wrong. Time and time again, we are moved to conserve those special places.

The member groups of Outdoor Alliance have a long tradition of preserving public access to America’s Outdoors — making sure people have trails to hike, waters to paddle, mountains to ski, and crags to climb.

But preserving access alone is not enough. What good is a trail if the forest is trashed out? What good is access to a river if the water is polluted?

Our groups joined together to pool our resources and protect the places we care about. We work together to make a difference — for today and tomorrow.

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