Advertising with American Whitewater

AW produces the paddling industry's highest regarded magazine, The American Whitewater Journal.

With affordable advertising rates, the AW Journal offers an excellent range of advertising opportunities for any business. Please contact Clinton Begley at or 828-586-1930 with any questions or to purchase ad space.

Remember: Your ad dollars do more than help reach your audience, in the AW Journal, they help save rivers!

Pricing / Media Kit

Download our 2020 Media Kit at for all pricing, size and distribution information with the link below.

Artwork Due Dates

As a general rule of thumb, ads are due 1 month before the edition they are to appear in.

EditionArtwork Due
November-February December 1st
March-April February 1st
May-June April 1st
July-August June 1st
September-October August 1st

Web Ads to Support American Whitewater

If you want to support AW's river stewardship work, we've put together great some web ads that you can run on your website. See the complete ads page for more info.

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